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St. Johann district

Transformation | The one-time industrial site is undergoing a total transformation in terms of urban planning. The relocation of the harbour businesses, the dismantling of the harbour buildings and the new emphasis on Bahnhofplatz are leading to a totally new local amenity value. The close proximity to the Novartis Campus means a major revaluation and a degree of exclusivity.

Lively meeting point | The new St. Johann passenger station means liveliness and mobility in many directions. As an architectural monolith, the new VoltaCenter building will visually dominate the new Bahnhofplatz.

Novartis Campus

Life Sciences location | The Novartis Campus of Knowledge is currently under construction within sight of the VoltaCenter. Here at its headquarters, the globally successful company is creating an impressive environment for research and development, marketing and administration. This park-like area, which is attractive in terms of both architecture and landscaping, extends to around 200,000 square metres. The projected total of some 10,000 research and other personnel will bring about a revitalisation with an international flair throughout the St. Johann district. It will raise the area’s profile, making it attractive for shops, restaurants and other services. With its rental apartments and shopping facilities, the VoltaCenter constitutes the perfect complement to the Novartis Campus.

Transport links

  Car Public transp.
to Basel main station 5 min 10 min
to Zurich main station 1 h 1.5 h
to Bern main station 1 h 1.5 h

Location plan in PDF format
The new Novartis Campus is some 500 m from the VoltaCenter, i.e. within easy walking distance.
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The one-time industrial complex in the St. Johann area is being transformed into a Campus of Knowledge.
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The VoltaCenter is prominently located on the outskirts of St. Johann.
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Project details, floor plans and dates subject to change. Provisional offer, subject to prior letting (S.E. & O.).
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